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Eric Braun (Brawn) commented on "Fuckin It To The Streets " 2014-03-07 12:29pm

Happy Anniversary Fuckers

Andrea Ingham commented on "Deeecent Track Shorts Mucked Up" 2013-05-20 2:29am

this is the first thing that comes up when i google Andrea Ingham + swearnet. i think we're meant to be together... you know. like if you wanted to knock up a canadian and not pay child support.

Andrea Ingham commented on "...fuck" 2013-05-08 10:21pm

i missed this one. its mint!

Andrea Ingham commented on "Golden Girls Rant" 2013-04-27 1:03pm

everyday i'm sad i come watch this

Eric Braun (Brawn) commented on "SHIT WRECK & OUT TAKES from... Fuck Puppies ..." 2013-04-15 7:00pm

Who knows where this fuck is but if anyone feels like following some real talent I (yes, the real acutal Eric) now have a Twitter ... @EricLeeBrawn